The Longest Table

Join other Daytonians for this wonderful community event designed to bring people of different walks of life together. Mark your calendars for October 16, 3 pm. You can learn more here.  

Injured Firefighters

Can we all agree that firefighters deserve the very best we can offer them? Sadly, some of our nation’s finest still have to fight to get workers’ compensation coverage when they need it.  Here’s just one...

The Ducks Are Back!

The Ducks are Back!! United Rehabilitation Services is holding it’s 13th annual Duck Regatta next week. Let’s all help out by adopting a duck. And be sure to stop by Riverscape Metropark for the big Duck Drop. Learn more on their...

Happy Labor Day from everyone at ES Gallon and Associates! And remember, we are always on your side.  
This Actually Did Happen

This Actually Did Happen

Say you have been hurt at work. You file a workers compensation claim, but your claim is denied by the Ohio Industrial Commission. After that, your employer fires you saying that you filed a fraudulent workers comp claim. Not fair? Can’t happen? This actually...
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