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The personal injury attorneys at ES Gallon and Associates are on your side.


It only takes a moment, but in that moment, an accident can turn your whole life upside down.

The personal injury attorneys at ES Gallon and Associates are on your side. If you’ve been injured in Dayton, the Miami Valley or Southwest Ohio, you can rest assured knowing that we have been helping your neighbors for decades.

ES Gallon Attorney David Salyer has been helping people with personal injury cases for decades. He understands the ways insurance companies try to dodge responsibility. He understands how to use the courts to protect people like yourself.

David can give you legal help with just about any kind of personal injury case:

General Personal Injury | Automobile Accident Injury | Motorcycle Accident Injury | Faulty Product Liability



We know how hard it can be.

First you must deal with the pain of your injury — doctors, hospitals, therapy. It can go on for months, maybe years — maybe the rest of your life.

Then the bills begin piling up. Maybe you lose time from work.

The final blow comes when the insurance company won’t cover all the expenses. You’ve always done your best to be a responsible person. Now your life is in turmoil because of the negligence of other people. You didn’t ask for this or deserve it.

Now you’re faced with going to court to get the expenses paid. Insurance companies have an army of attorneys who will see you as nothing more than a claim number.

Going it alone can be very rough. We can help.

The entire team here at ES Gallon and Associates will be here to help and hopes you have a speedy recovery and that your life gets back to normal as soon as possible!

Have you been injured in an auto accident?

Have you or a loved one been injured in an auto accident in the Dayton metropolitan area or southwest Ohio? Then you know how devastating it can be to suffer through an auto accident. Not only do you have the trauma of the accident itself to cope with, you may also be facing medical bills, loss of employment and a long period of recovery.

Don’t face it alone. Face it with the help of one of ES Gallon’s personal injury attorneys.

Our personal injury attorneys have the expertise and experience it takes to help you get what you need to get on the road back to your normal life.

Our offices are conveniently located in downtown Dayton, Ohio – easily accessible from anywhere in the Miami Valley or Southwest Ohio. We are near Interstate 75, Route 35, Route 4 and just minutes from Interstate 70 and Interstate 675.

Our initial consultation is completely free of charge and we only get paid if you get paid.

Don’t delay – remember that there may be restrictions on how long you can wait after an automobile accident before seeking legal assistance. Call the personal injury attorneys at ES Gallon today.

Have you been injured in an motorcycle accident?

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, you will be facing many of the same problems that many other injured motorcycle riders face.  Very often, you will be facing some these issues while you are still in the hospital and still on the road to healing. ES Gallon Attorney David Salyer has worked with many injured motorcycle riders over the years.  He understands the problems you are facing and can help you work everything out so that you can focus on the one thing that matters the most – getting better.

If you have been hurt in a motorcycle accident, give David a call at 937-461-4ESG.  He’ll be happy to talk to you about your motorcycle accident and any injuries.  And remember, the fist consultation is free.

Get well soon!  We want to see you back on the road as soon as you are ready!

Have you been injured by a faulty product?

When we use a product, we do so with a belief that the manufacturer has made the product completely safe to use. But sometimes things go wrong – maybe the manufacturer cut corners, maybe there was a flaw in the manufacturing process, maybe there were untested aspects of the product.

If you have been injured by a faulty product, you might have the right to be compensated by the manufacturer. How do you find out? By talking to one of the experienced product liability attorneys at ES Gallon. The product liability attorneys at ES Gallon have helped people around Dayton, the Miami Valley and Southwest Ohio who have been injured by faulty products, including:

  • Food
  • Cosmetics
  • Baby Products
  • Automobiles and related products
  • Toys
  • Medicines

If you have been injured by these or any other faulty products, call the product liability attorneys at ES Gallon today. Remember, there could be legal time limitations, so don’t delay – call 937-461-4ESG today to talk to one of our product liability lawyers.


Get your no obligation, no claim, free consultation. You will learn that if you have a claim, you can get the help of the attorneys at    ES Gallon and Associates for no additional cost to you – we get paid when you get paid.*

*Applies only to workers compensation and personal injury cases.


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Andrea’s personal injury story.

Andrea got into a car accident and she seriously hurt her ankle. Even after six surgeries it would not get better so finally she made a decision about amputation. ES Gallon attorney David Salyer fought for her and got her a settlement that covered all her medical expenses and eased the financial burden for Andrea.

Transcript of Andrea's Video


My name is Andrea.

It was a Monday morning and I was on my way home, to get some food for a funeral.

On my way home this guy pulled out and he didn’t stop at the stop sign at all, he said he didn’t see me at all. He came barreling through and basically hit me head on. It shoved my whole engine about 4 to 5 feet up into the cab and it totally destroyed my ankle and broke my wrist. It was not a good day.

There was a police officer on his way up the hill and he got everything on his cruiser cam – and that was very helpful too.

I went through six different surgeries. I had 11 pins through my ankle and my leg. I had to choose between going through 6 to 10 more surgeries or amputation. I chose amputation because I wanted my life back. I wanted everything to go back to normal. I remember going home and my parents came over to my house and I just remember crying. I broke down. I was crying and sobbing ”It’s my leg, it’s my leg I cant just get rid of it.”

ES Gallon Attorney Dave Salyier actually came up to the hospital room, he said he could help us.

There were so many medical bills. The way things were we had to pay out of pocket and then our insurance would reimburse us. It was a very complicated process and there were bills coming in almost every day. And there were a lot of fights with the hospitals.

The settlement helped me a whole lot because it got rid of everything.

Dave got a lot of bills down more by talking to different insurance companies and working his magic. Without the settlement I don’t think I could have paid everything probably in my lifetime. It was a ginormous burden on me and my family.

Dave is a nice guy, I really liked him, he has a good sense of humor. We connected. His daughter is around the same age that I teach. We have a like faith. He actually got to pray with me in my hospital room. He would call and check up on me every couple months just to chat.

I’m very happy with how Dave handled everything and anybody who is in my situation I would definitely 100 percent recommend Dave and E.S. Gallon and I’ve never looked back.

ES Gallon attorney David Salyer.

ES Gallon Attorney David Salyer talks about his own personal journey. An injury when he was younger led him to become a client of ES Gallon and later he became an Attorney at ES Gallon

Transcript of Dave's Video


My name is Dave Salyer. I was a client at ES Gallon and Associates.

Back in about 1984 I was working in construction and I was on my way to a job driving a van. In the process of another accident happening in front of me and immediately getting out to help out I ended up being pinned between vehicles.

I had a rather severe fracture to my right wrist – and I was right handed – and to my left leg.  I was in surgery within an hour of the accident.  I was taken to Miami Valley Hospital.  I didn’t know anything about bills.  I didn’t know anything about how I was going to handle my time off from work.  I didn’t know how I was going to navigate life at all.

Things had suddenly gotten out of control.

And I was hurting, and I knew I was hurting.  I was in surgery and it was painful. They put pins and wires in my wrist.

It was through my employer, oddly enough, they said “Maybe you should get a lawyer.”

I was in an auto accident, but it was also while I was on my way to a job.  So, I called ES Gallon and Associates.  I hired two lawyers, one for the Workers’ Comp and one for the auto accident claim.  ES Gallon did a tremendous job, really, both on the Workers’ Comp case as well as the personal injury case against the inusrance company against the person who was at fault for the auto accident.

I was able through that process as a client to rely on ES Gallon and my attorneys to do the very best job for me and they did that – they actually did that.

In the Workers’ Comp claim they were able to get my medical bills paid so I didn’t have to worry about those and even a percentage of my income while I was off from work and all the awards that went with that under the Workers’ Comp system.  That actually helped me to survive, to be able to go through all that while being completely off work.

At the same time I had a lawyer for the auto accident so that when the auto accident claim finally settled I was able to get enough of a recovery that I was able to take that money and invest it, really, in a new career.
You see, from the accident and my injury to my wrist, that had harmed me in such a way that I couldn’t bend my wrist any longer and because I couldn’t bend my wrist any longer, I couldn’t hold a hammer any longer.  I couldn’t do a hole punch any longer.  I couldn’t do those things that I had really come to enjoy for six years in construction.

When the doctor told me that, then I had to evaluate what can I do. And part of that was with the success that ES Gallon had done resolving my claim. I took a portion of that money and headed off in a new career path and ultimately went to law school and became a lawyer.

What’s interesting now is that I am an associate attorney with ES Gallon and Associates, the very law firm that represented me as a client and did such a tremendous job of gaining my trust, that they really knew what they were doing, that they were really interested and concerned for me.  In that process I was able to take the best of a very bad situation and redirect it into a new career such that now I’m not you, thinking about whether to retain ES Gallon, I actually was you, and now I’m on the other side of the fence, wanting to gain your trust and I think we’re up to the task.

So I’m asking you, if you have a case that you think “Well, the lawyer just doesn’t care, he just doesn’t know what I’m going through,” I can tell you I do.  Give us a call at ES Gallon and Associates.  My name is Dave Salyer and I’m an associate attorney for ES Gallon.

What should I do if I’ve been injured in an accident?
First of all, of course, get medical assistance. Take photos of the car — both inside and out. If you can’t do it yourself, have someone get photographs of the area where the accident happened. Show the object that caused the injury — the steering wheel, the dashboard — whatever it was that hurt you. Look for reasons other than weather that might have caused the accident.
How does insurance work in an auto accident?
In this video, Attorney David Salyer talks about the different types of insurance and how they work  in the case of an auto accident.  There are several different types of insurance and it is important to know all of them for your protection.If you got into an automobile accident, you need to know how to use your insurance right. Learn more about such terms as: Subrogation, Medical payments insurance, Collision insurance, Uninsured motorist insurance and more.


What are the major reasons that claims are denied in Southwest Ohio?
In the Dayton area, the biggest reason is lack of familiarity with the law, which is usually a result of inadequate, incompetent representation or self-representation.
What kind of injury cases do you handle?
ES Gallon’s Personal Injury Section handles personal injury cases, auto injury cases, defective product cases and premises liability cases. Other sections of ES Gallon handle Workers’ Compensation and Social Security Disability.
Why do I need an attorney?
The main reason you might need an attorney is to get the maximum amount of benefits. Insurance companies are masters at reducing the amount of benefits they pay. They have people who do nothing but look for ways to reduce the amount of benefits they pay.


Why? Well, the less benefits they pay out, the more profit the insurance companies make. Another reason has to do with the size of the insurance companies. They are so big that they will probably only see you as a number on a claim form.

At ES Gallon, you will not be seen as a number. You will get service from someone who sees you as a person, with individual needs.

At ES Gallon, you will have a lawyer who cares about you and will work with you.

How do I select the best attorney for my needs?
Look at the firm’s reputation among the judges and other attorneys in your area. See if they are respected by the people they work with every day. Find out what their experience is in your area of need.


Also look to see if they are active in leadership positions in professional organizations like the bar association for their city and state and in organizations like the Ohio Academy of Trial Lawyers and the Association of Trial Lawyers of America.

Finally, use your common sense. Don’t be lured in by wild claims that you might hear of “quick cash in minimum time.” If it seems that someone is promising something too good to be true, it probably is.

We consider ourselves to be serious lawyers, serious about the law and using it to protect our clients. It takes experience, expertise, and, frankly, a lot of hard work. That’s why we like to say, “Good lawyering is no accident.”

How do I pay for a personal injury attorney?

How do I know if I have a case?
That varies from case to case, of course. The only way to say for sure is to meet with an attorney and go over the details of your case.
How long will my case take?
The timeline varies from case to case since no two injuries are alike. A lot also depends on the nature of the accident. Plus, some injuries don’t show up immediately — it might be weeks or months after the accident before you begin to notice that something is wrong.


Going into this alone is rough. Insurance companies have an army of attorneys who will see you as just a claim number. At E.S. Gallon, we see you as a real person with real injuries and real problems that flow from your injuries.

What about injuries related to a fall?
In this video, ES Gallon Attorney David Salyer discusses different types of injury accidents and injury related to falls. If you have been hurt in this type of accident, this video could provide information that will help you make some decisions.


If I suspect a loved on has been neglected or injured in a nursing home, what are my options?
Have you or a loved on been injured or neglected while in the care of a nursing home? Attorney David Salyer talks about some important issues in this video.


What are the chances to win a product liability case?
It may be expensive to pursue a product liability case, learn why in this video.



Get your no obligation, no claim, free consultation. You will learn that if you have a claim, you can get the help of the attorneys at    ES Gallon and Associates for no additional cost to you – we get paid when you get paid.*

*Applies only to workers compensation and personal injury cases.


We send our email newsletter out once a month at the most and you can unsubscribe any time you llike.
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